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Ethical / ESG
Luxury meets Eco-friendly
We only produce in small quantities and only as much as can be sold via our e-store or as much as we receive bulk requests from corporate companies to make custom-design products for them, against crazy consumerism. Also, we recycle, up-cycle and reuse the products which could not be sold.

Nihan Karaaslan Akdemir

Meeting the ESG criterias  is the core value of The Unique Organic. Developing and piecing together the various elements accordingly that comprise a business with an authentic way is what I am doing. And I feel lucky to be able to do it wholeheartedly.



Have you ever heard about TENCEL that we are using? TENCEL is a revolutionary cellulosic fiber of botanic origins which promotes sustainability in the textile industry and natural comfort for textile products.

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Let’s switch your uniforms with their eco-friendly versions with us!

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